Clash of the Titles is evolving!

Clash of the Titles is evolving!

Grab a family size bag of popcorn, because from now on you’re going to get not one, but TWO episodes of Clash of the Titles every week!

We’re doubling our content, to offer you the very best hilarious film trivia and analysis from Alex Zane, Chris Tilly and Vicky Crompton.

Clash of the Titles sees two movies with something in common go head to head to see which one does it better! Since launching with Stakhanov in July, we’ve seen some incredible film showdowns, from blockbuster hits like American Psycho, The Dark Knight and Shaun of the Dead, to uncovered gems like Hackers, Bone Tomahawk and The Raid!

It’s the perfect podcast for film enthusiasts who want a humorous take on some of their favourites, as well as the opportunity to find incredible new movies to fall in love with.

You can kick off your week with a new episode every Monday, which will give a short introduction to two films. The gang will identify the commonality they share, followed by a dive into the first film and a quiz. Previous quizzes have included ‘Real or Fake Zombie Movie Title?’ and psychopath tests.

Then on Thursdays, join the team to explore the second film and to hear them vote on which one is their favourite - this bit can get quite heated…

Every week, two new films will enter the ring to battle it out!

Listen to the podcast now, and find Clash of the Titles on Twitter @clashpod.