Introducing: Archive - The World's Hardest Puzzle

In January 2012, a message appeared on 4Chan, the anarchic online messaging board which had become a playground for hackers and conspiracy theorists alike.The seemingly unassuming message read:

“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test.”

"Good Luck, 3301"

Accompanying the text was a cryptic image – a black-and-white cicada. What users didn't know at the time was that this post marked the first step in one of the most complex and mind-boggling puzzles to rock the internet age – later known as Cicada 3301.

As one clue was deciphered, another would surface. From riddles to impenetrable codes and QR codes in the outside world, one thing became clear: Cicada 3301 was no ordinary puzzle. It was an intellectual minefield.

Despite significant efforts to solve it, the true origins, the creators, and the real purpose of Cicada 3301 remain shrouded in mystery. But now, over a decade later, Tommie Trelawny and Nicky Anderson are reopening this cold case and diving deep into this digital rabbit hole.

Following the success ofThe Interruption,The World's Hardest Puzzleis a new investigative documentary series filled with conspiracy, US intelligence, and an exclusive interview with the claiming founder of Cicada 3301.Tommie and Nicky’syear-long investigation into the truth behind the puzzle uncovers both the potential beauty the internet holds as well as the more sinister aspects of revealing too much of our lives online.

Launching on Monday 19th February, listen in to this seven-part series through the winding, often murky history of the internet, told by those who know it best.

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