Introducing: Harry And Paul Are Devious

Ever wondered how to pull off a million dollar heist? Or watched Ocean’s Eleven and thought, “I could do that”? Then this is the podcast for you…

Join the country's two most lovable villains, Harry Clark and Paul Gorton - the breakout stars of 2024's The Traitors - as they put their secretive scheming to the ultimate test in Harry And Paul Are Devious!

In this brand new series, Harry and Paul are out to prove that their devious brains can outsmart not just the Faithfuls, but the system as well! Every week, the pair breakdown the biggest failed crimes in history and put their spin on how they’d have done it better. Because it can’t be that hard…right?!

But who has the superior plan? The pair have to convince each other that their scheme is the one to go for, and each week features a totally new, totally bonkers, botched crime from history.

For example, 24-year-old thief Christopher Wallace who was on the run, yet also posted his location on Snapchat, or the gang member who purchased ten luxury cars the day after executing the biggest robbery in Brazilian history.

Also, ever wondered how you could have successfully pulled off the infamous Millenium Dome Raid? Allow Harry to explain:

Step 1. Cut off your friends and family (they can't keep a secret)

Step 2. Lay low and get a job at the local chippie

Step 3. Date an employee with access to the vault... obviously

From art heists to diamond robberies, sports cheats to police chases, Harry and Paul put a light-hearted touch on the True Crime genre. With infectious chemistry and hilarious wit, Harry and Paul tear apart the idiotic reasons behind blundered crimes and imagine all the ways they could have gotten away with it.

Harry And Paul Are Devious releases on Wednesday 3rd July, with new episodes released every Wednesday. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!