Introducing: Pop Off

Pop Off with Lewys Ball is back for a brand new season. Now part of the Stak Network, Pop Off has received a glamorous makeover including the addition of a new co-host…

Joined by TikTokker and model, Isla Loba, this new season gets stuck in to all the pop culture scandals you could dream of. With weekly episodes, the pair will be injecting some extra flavour into the week’s rumours, trends and celebrity gossip. From DM slides to TikTok drama there'll be no holds barred in this honest, hilarious, downright outrageous podcast! Nothing is off limits.

Lewys is a successful YouTuber, presenter and social media personality with over 500k YouTube subscribers and 289k Instagram followers, full of an infectious charisma and loved by the GenZ generation. In previous seasons, Ball has tackled topics from Love Island reunions, to the end of the X-factor generation, all sprinkled with some special guests along the way. However, this season, Lewys & Isla are ready for plenty of juicy pop culture content that will be coming throughout the year.

Every Thursday, Pop Off is the hottest place to be for all the reality TV hot scoops and social media storms.

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