The artwork for the My Seven Wonders with Clive Anderson podcast.

Introducing My Seven Wonders Live! In this series, Clive welcomes in a live audience as he sits down with his usual eclectic range of guests to hear all about their wonders of the world. 

We kick things off live from the Edinburgh Fringe where Clive meets some of the world’s funniest people as we record from a comedy festival so large it is surely destined to be on someone's list of wonders.

Today, Clive is joined by the best guest you could possibly do this with (and yes he does that about everybody) it is comedian, author and TV personality, David O'Doherty.

Through David’s wonders, we learn some important lessons, such as having a father who is a Jazz musician is very influential and what to do if you find an X-rated item on the beach. So, make sure you are listening carefully.

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