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60. Best of the Edinburgh Fringe (Part 1)

by My Seven Wonders with Clive Anderson

At the latest Edinburgh Fringe, Clive brought My Seven Wonders onto the stage and to a live audience. On this compilation episode, we look back at some of the best wonders from the Edinburgh shows. 

This includes Tiff Stephenson doing an impression of Stevie Nicks turning into Eric Cartman, Larry Dean's shocking reason for choosing tuna and rice as a wonder and John Bishop telling a joke in sign language which amazingly was also still funny via an audio medium.

Wonder 1: Tiff Stephenson - Fleetwood Mac

Wonder 2: Larry Dean - Tuna and rice

Wonder 3: John Bishop - Music

Wonder 4: Jimeoin - Jokes

Wonder 5: Sara Barron - Magic Mike XXL

Wonder 6: Fred MacAulay - Whisky 

Wonder 7: Al Murray - Drums and drumming

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