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Book Club: Fever Pitch – Nick Hornby

by Football Ramble Presents

'Fever Pitch' is widely regarded to be the best football book ever written. It's been made into two films, won the 1992 William Hill Sports Book of the Year award and inspired countless football fans around the UK to think more deeply about their football fandom. Its author, Nick Hornby, joins us in the studio for today's episode of the Book Club!

Nick sits down with Kate and Jim to remember the seismic impact of 'Fever Pitch', nearly thirty years after its initial publication. Nick's footballing obsession embedding itself within every aspect of his life and the book encapsulates the joy, frustration, hopelessness and deliriousness felt by a generation of football fans on the terraces every Saturday. From his deep love for Arsène Wenger to the state of the modern game, it's a fascinating chat with one of the forefathers of modern football writing!

You can purchase the latest edition of 'Fever Pitch' here.

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