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Catherine Tyldesley on love, auditioning for Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and musical theatre return

by White Wine Question Time

This week’s guest is a familiar face from the Coronation Street cobbles, having spent over 7 years there - the delightful Catherine Tyldesley!

Catherine joins Kate ahead of her upcoming venture into musical theatre, starring in the musical version of Bonnie and Clyde. Despite it being her debut, she tells us all about how musical theatre was actually her first love. She also chats about her chance romance with her now-husband (a tale of being each other’s opposite types on paper but a perfect match in reality) and her newfound love for dance. A surprising revelation for someone who had spent a lifetime avoiding even the lightest two-step! But with the magic of Strictly Come Dancing and the brilliance of her dance partner Johannes, she’s found a spring in her step and a sway in her walk.

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