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Episode 1 - Under The Lights: Being a Woman, Trans or Non-Binary Person in UK Dance Music

by UTOPIA Talks

Last year, Jaguar set up The Jaguar foundation with Sony Music and produced the first ever report exploring gender disparity in UK dance music. In this documentary, you will hear a unique insight into the notoriously mysterious, and male dominated, world of dance music, through the lens of women, trans and non-binary artists.

This episode, we hear from two DJs who have experienced a physical assault in their place of work and we consider what the industry should be doing to ensure people’s safety. We also hear some of the responses to the report and we find out what progress the industry has made. Episode 1 features insights from DJ Priya, Jaye Ward and G33 (Girls Don’t Sync). 

Written by Jaguar & Katie Baxter

Production & Sound Design: Katie Baxter



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