The artwork for the Bernie: Who killed the Prince of Soho? podcast.

Episode two: His father was a real gangster

by Bernie: Who killed the Prince of Soho?

Bernie Katz - hellraiser and fixer beyond compare - what drove him to this state of undone?

In this episode journalist Mark Edmonds talks to his friends and colleagues, trying to pinpoint exactly why he was so important to the Groucho. Just where had his extensive art collection gone? How did he run up such an incredible debt with the Albanian gangsters?

Who was the real Bernie Katz? And what led to his untimely death? In this three-part podcast series, journalist Mark Edmonds speaks to Bernie's close friends and the celebrities who knew him well to understand how Bernie became 'The Prince of Soho' and the demons he left behind.

Our writer and presenter is Mark Edmonds and can be found on Twitter @MEdmondsLondon

Cover photography: Andy Fallon

Thanks to all our contributers,, - and Emily Jordan-Patrikios, Tom Oakley and Belle Noir. 

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