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Juiciest Unpopular Opinions! (Molly-Mae’s 24hr in a day comment, Love Island Allstars, Cheating and more!)

by Pop Off

This week, we’re spilling the tea on OUR unpopular opinions, and trust us, things are about to get wild! Lewys is throwing down the gauntlet with a bold statement: Is Megan Thee Stallion the ultimate queen of this generation’s female rap performers? Meanwhile, Isla’s got a hot take of her own around hairy armpits on women!But that’s not all! We’re digging deep into the drama of Love Island Allstars and whether it’s dun out. And is labelling women as homewreckers just another way to shift the blame?Make sure you follow @popoffpodcast to be involved in future episodes! We love hearing from you.

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