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S2 E5: I Hate the Universe


Tensions between Cora and Jim come to a boiling point, as Jim struggles to keep his head above water with regards to not just his personal and professional life, but the double life he reluctantly finds himself living in. 

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BOOM Starred:

Akie Kotabe as Jim Yang

Meg Cavanaugh as Cora Campbell

Mike Capozzola as Doug Martinez

Gabriela Garcia as Pandora

Alejandro Teran as Bastian

Omari Douglas as Staten

Thomas Mitchells as Walt

Natalie Green as Linda

Additional Voices:

Vanessa Emery

Darcey Ferguson

Adam Jarrell

Joel Emery

BOOM is a Stak Production in association with Holy Smokes

Directed by:

Adam Jarrell

Written by:

Joel Emery

Sound Design:

Adam Jarrell

Tom Whalley

Music Supervisor:

Ewan Dance

Executive Producers:

Adam Jarrell

Luke Moore

Jon Teague


Joel Emery

Finn Ranson

Charlie Morgan

This Podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Lucinda Shaw

WARNING. This podcast contains explicit language and content some listeners may find objectionable.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or deceased, organisations, places or events is purely coincidental. All scenarios are from the author's imagination. This podcast is protected under copyright.

Listener discretion is advised.

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