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Sherelle, Mary-Anne Hobbs & Judy Griffith Part 1 - Pioneers of UK Dance Music

by UTOPIA Talks

In part 1 of our women in music special, our guests share their journeys so far.

Sherelle is revealing how she went from doing community radio at London's Reprezent to becoming one of the most exciting DJs in recent years, whilst Mary-Anne Hobbs is giving us the incredible story of how she made her way onto BBC Radio 1 and established herself as one of the most recognisable and respected voices in music today with her 6Music show. And finally, Judy Griffith, who has been driving London club culture from behind the scenes for two decades as the promotions manager at fabric, is shedding light on what it was like in the early days and the challenges she faced as a black woman making her way into the music industry.

Produced by Katie Baxter


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