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Something from the Cellar: Finding your tribe where you least expect them

by White Wine Question Time

This week, we're reflecting on the many different ways people cultivate community and the invaluable impact it has on their lives!

First up, we have the brilliant Tom Kerridge who raves about the importance of pubs in establishing vital community spaces that combat loneliness. Next, we have the wonderful Stephen Mangan who admits that he simply wouldn't know who he is without his huge Irish family - 52 first cousins included. Here he shares so candidly how they’ve always been his biggest support system, from celebrating his greatest successes to providing unwavering support in the wake of his parents’ passing. And last but not least, we have the lovely Hugh Dennis. He tells us just how pivotal his decision to attend Cambridge was in allowing him to find “his people", and how great life teachers and comedy peers alike helped him develop both a successful career and a strong sense of self!

If you liked what you heard, listen to the guests' full episodes here: Tom Kerridge, Stephen Mangan and Hugh Dennis.

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