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Something from the Cellar: Mental Health Awareness Month (Part 2)

by White Wine Question Time

To continue our series of episodes marking Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to revisit a subject that we'll all come to experience in our own unique way: grief.

On today's episode, we revisit our conversation with Josie Gibson and Malin Andersson, who met in real life for the first time in the WWQT studio to discuss how they supported one another on a journey through grief. Plus, Bros member Matt Goss talks openly about losing his mother and moments with her he'd like to relive and Brenda Edwards discusses her own struggles as an orphan and how vital her community became when she tragically lost her son, Jamal.

Click the guest's name to listen to their full interview: Josie Gibson and Malin Andersson, Matt Gos & Brenda Edwards

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