The artwork for the Sports Horn podcast.

Sports Horn: Episode 1!

by Sports Horn

Ian Fiveankles seeks to make his mark on modern sports radio in his very first radio show, in a cynical bid to win his ex-wife Denise back. The only thing that stands in his way is his new show sponsor, MENSMOOTH. Mmmmn…that’s smooth! 

Sports Horn will return same time next Tuesday, as Ian tries to calm a studio full of amorous dogs.

Sports Horn is a brand new sitcom hosted by comedians Anthony Richardson and Mark Davison, best known collectively as the popular online sketch duo 'The Exploding Heads'. Tell all your friends, and make sure to give them those all-important five stars wherever you stream your podcasts, which will allow us to make more shows!  

Sports Horn is a Stak Production.

This is a work of fiction. This podcast is protected under copyright. Listener discretion is advised.

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