The Offensive nominated for a British Podcast Award!

We’re delighted to announce that The Offensive, our mockumentary podcast about fictional football team Ashwood City, has been nominated for a British Podcast Award!

The show, which was awarded a bronze prize in last year’s ‘Best Fiction’ category, has been nominated for this year’s Bullseye Award alongside some stellar competition. Producer Joel Emery was delighted to hear the news:

“The Offensive is such a labour of love and dedication that whenever plaudits or sponsorship or whatever it may be comes our way, it makes even modest people like ourselves say 'Yeah we deserve that'.”

“In this instance we have been nominated for a British Podcast Award for the second year in a row and its such an honour to give our team accolades and endorsements like these from our peer group.”

“It's not an easy show to make. Writing is a two day job, editing is a three day job and the superb performers are kind enough to squeeze in their recording at some point between the two.”

“But we've always had the same ethos - to make it as enjoyable to put together as it is to listen to. We have a small dedicated listenership and a small dedicated team… The show is here because of them.”

Elsewhere, we have thrown our full support behind our own JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast for the listeners’ choice award. The award will be decided by an open vote, and we think Happy Hour deserves plaudits for an incredible year. Happy Hour has gone from strength to strength, as monthly listening figures have increased by over 50% since this time last year and the show has welcomed some hugely famous guests – from Ricky Gervais and Daniel Sloss to Caspar Lee and Anaïs Gallagher.

You can vote for JaackMaate’s Happy Hour in the Listeners’ Choice category at the British Podcast Awards by clicking here.