Season Finalé : The Interruption

19th December 2022 marks the season finalé of Stak’s new investigative series - who was behind The Interruption?

For the past three weeks, journalist & YouTuber Tommie Trelawny has been uncovering who was behind a mystery broadcast interruption. On 26th November 1977, the strange alien voice of ‘Vrillion’ broke onto the five o’clock news at Southern Television, a TV station in the south of England. The intruder came to warn viewers: “Live in peace, or leave the galaxy”...

Forty-five years on, Tommie and Stak’s superstar producer, Nicky Anderson, have set out to find the truth. Could this really be aliens? Or was it a well-covered prank? Or a carefully designed protest?

In this eight-part series, listeners have been taken on a captivating and sometimes inexplicable journey. Through the doors of a UFO religion, to the heart of UK pirate radio - and a phone call with Uri Geller - we’ve heard every conversation, voice-note and extra-terrestrial channelling.

When explaining why he wanted to share this story, Tommie told us;

“Solving the Southern Television Interruption started out as a New Year’s Resolution. To this day, it’s the only one I’ve actually managed to keep.

I’ve always been fascinated by lost stories that have no one to tell them. The curious incident of how ‘Vrillon of the Ashtar Command’ broke onto the Five O’Clock news is one of them.”

The Southern Television Interruption, as it’s become known, has been unsolved for forty-five years. The culprit was never caught and no one came forward. Various attempts have been made to unveil this airwave intruder, but none have been successful.

Until now.

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