The artwork for the Jackie the Ripper podcast.

Jackie the Ripper

The infamous Whitechapel murders, retold.

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The feature image for the Jackie the Ripper podcast.
The artwork for the Jackie the Ripper podcast.Preview: The artwork for the Jackie the Ripper podcast.


Jackie the Ripper



  • Comedy
  • Drama

About the show

"Detective, what is it?"

"Yeah... she's cut off his knob and put his bollocks in the recycling bin."

Almost 150 years after Jack the Ripper, there's a new serial killer terrorising East London. From the creators of hit mockumentary podcast, The Offensive, Jackie the Ripper is a laugh-out loud, timely comedy-drama retelling of the infamous Whitechapel killings of the 19th century.

But in this modern twist, men are the victims of dark, sexually aggressive murders. The kind that leave them penis-less with their testicles left in the bins of the Costa Coffee next door.

Behind all the bloodshed is a woman, Jackie. To be precise, a ruthless serial killer of a woman ready to strike again, and again, and again, and one more time after that, without a single ounce of remorse and ready to share it all on social media.

And the task of finding her all rests on Lead Detective of Scotland Yard, esteemed veteran of Whitechapel, extremely paranoid, slightly clueless, and definitively over-caffeinated Frederick Abberline.

Hold onto your bollocks.